Used Coherent OEM laser diode assembly. Features a bright 10mW, 635nm output, regulated thermoelectric cooling, fan cooled heat sink, regulated optical output, and glass collimating optics with a narrow bandpass filter. This module also has LED indicators for Power, Laser, High temp and Electrical overload shut-down.


Power output: 9 to 12mW, 10.5mW typical
Wavelength: 635nm, RED
Polarization: Linear >100:1
Beam diameter: 5mm x 2mm
Collimating lens: Single element glass, fixed focus
Regulation: Automatic power control (APC)
Temperature Regulation: Thermoelectric cooling with thermistor feedback
Input voltage: +5VDC, 350mA (1 amp Initial) and -5VDC, 5mA (laser enable)
Dimensions: 60mm x 60mm x 80mm tall

Domestic Buyers: This laser system does not comply to FDA performance standards, therefore is sold as an OEM laser only.