These are new, old stock hard sealed laser tubes for your OEM, replacement, or experimental needs. Other types of tubes may be available. Please email us for more information.


Output Power: 10 mW minimum 12 mW typical 15 mW maximum.
Wavelength: 632.8 nm RED
Mode: Multimode
Beam Diameter: 1.2 mm
Beam Divergence: 3.4 mRads.
Light Exit: Cathode end of tube.
Operating Voltage: 2390 VDC (with 75K ballast).
Start Voltage: 10KV.
Operating Current Range: 6 to 7 mA, 6.5 mA Ideal.
Recommended Ballast Resistor: 75K Ohms, 5 Watt.
(Add in series to the anode lead within 3″ of the tube.)
Recommended Power Supply: DG-22, E-21, LAB-S-22.
Dimensions: 13.8″ long x 1.45″ diameter.
Warranty: Limited 30 days from date of purchase.