We stock Voltex Hene laser power supplies known for their high efficiency, reliability, and rugged construction. Hook-up diagram included. These are new units


Input Voltage: 22 to 30 VDC, 15 to 20 Watts.
Output Voltage: 1900 to 2600 VDC.
Output Current: 4.5 to 7 mA, user adjustable.
Trigger Voltage: 10 KV
Input Leads: 10″, 22 AWG. Flying.
Output Leads: Alden high voltage connector or equivalent.
Dimensions: 3.75 X 1.5 X 1.0 inches (95 x 38 x 25 mm)
Mounting holes: 2.3 inches center spacing.
Warranty: 30 days from date of purchase.


4 second Turn-on delay (defeat by cutting violet wire loop)
TTL turn-on (yellow wire to ground=ON)
Alden high voltage output connector.