New, US made, custom OEM laser diode module designed for a medical / dental application. It features a sophisticated drive circuit with current and temperature regulation, SMA fiber launch with low pass filter, internal cooling fan with TEC cooled laser diode, and monitor outputs for current and temp.

The laser diode is made by SLI and has an output rated at 300mW and is in a 9mm can package.

Click HERE for hook-up info and diode spec sheet.
Note: Hook-up sheet shows an external fan.This unit was revised to have an internal cooling fan

Domestic Buyers: This laser system does not comply to FDA performance standards, therefore is sold as an OEM laser only.


Wavelength: 980nm +/-3nm (Infrared)
Power Output: 45mW at fiber coupler
Mode: Multi-mode
Laser Diode Type: SLI model SLI-CW-9MM-C1-980-0.3M-R
Output Termination: SMA fiber optic connector
Operating Temp: 5 to 40 deg.C
Diode Temp Regulation: +/- 0.2 deg.C
Operation voltage:  +5VDC, 500mA and +12VDC, 250mA (1 Amp initial)
Input Connector: 16 pin dual in-line male .1″ spacing. Mating connector not Included.
Dimensions: 170mm long x 38mm Diameter. (6.65″ x 1.5″)
Mounting Threads: #4 x 40 TPI X 4, 32mm (1.25″) spacing
Weight: 255 Grams