The LH series laser modules features:

  • Shock resistant design.
  • A single element glass collimating lens that provides good beam quality and low divergence.
  • A ball joint rear end, so when placed in a tube, the output end can be steered for beam alignment.
  • Automatic power control (APC) circuitry that regulates the output power over their entire input voltage range.
  • Reverse polarity protection.

NOTE: The case of the laser module and the positive input lead are electrically common.


Power output: 4.5mW typical
Wavelength: 635nm RED
Note: This wavelength laser will appear twice as bright to the eye as a 650nm laser of the same power.
Beam diameter: 1mm x 3.8mm
Beam divergence: 0.4mRadians
Collimating lens: 1 element glass
Input voltage & current: 3 to 6 VDC, 40mA
Input leads: Red lead positive, Black lead negative.
Operating temperature: up to 50 deg. C
Housing material: Brass
Dimensions: .375″ dia. x .65″long, 9.5mm dia. x 16.5mm long