The Mitsubishi ML601J24-01 is an infrared laser diode with a wavelength around 785nm. It does not have a built in photo diode, therefore will need a driver circuit operating in automatic current control (ACC) mode. The case common pin is laser diode cathode.

These are new old stock diodes, individually characterized in envelopes.


Output Power: 60mW typical, 70mW maximum
Wavelength: 785nm typical, +/- 10nm Infrared
Operating Voltage: 1.8 Volts typical
Threshold Current: 40mA typical
Operating Current: 95mA typical
Monitor Current: No internal photodiode
Package: TO-18, 5.6mm diameter base

Factory spec sheet found HERE

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of laser diodes, there is no warranty or exchanges on these items.