Made by Laser Drive inc. for JDS Uniphase, model number 390T-5200-11.5-4-C
Specifically designed for 15 mW to >35 mW lasers.
Agency Approved – TUV EN 60-950, UL-1950, CUL.

Typical application include high speed printing, color separations, lithography, where high reliability and low noise are critical. Hook-up diagram included.


Input Voltage:   110 / 220 VAC, 50 to 400 Hz.
Output Voltage: 4000 to 5200 VDC.
Output Current: 11.5 mA
Trigger Voltage: >12 KV
Input Leads:      12″, 22 AWG. Flying.
Output Leads:    Alden E301B, 3 lead, 20KV high voltage connector.
(see below for pin assignment)
CDRH delay:      3 to 5 seconds. (Defeatable by cutting violet wire loop)
Dimensions:       7″ X 2.4″ X 1.4″ (178 x 61 x 36 mm)
Mounting holes: 0.15 diameter x 3. 2.95″ x 1.8″ center spacing.
Warranty:             30 days from date of purchase.

Note: The output connector pin assignment on the laser head will vary by manufacture. Please verify correct hook-up before use.
The wrong output connection may damage the power supply, laser head, and be a shock hazard.