The Sharp LT021MDO is a GaAlAs laser diode with VSIS chip structure. It has a built in photo diode for monitoring the laser output for use in automatic power control (APC) circuits. The common case pin is laser diode cathode and photo diode cathode.

 Factory spec sheet found HERE.


Output Power: 10 mW typical, 15 mW max.
Wavelength: 780 nm typical, 795 nm max. INFRARED
Operating Voltage: 1.8 Volts typical
Threshold Current: 45 mA typical
Operating Current: 75 mA typical
Monitor Current: 3.0 mA typical.
Operating Temperature: -10 to 60 deg.C.
Package: TO-9, 9 mm diameter base, Low cap type.

These are new old stock diodes, individually characterized in factory containers.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of laser diodes, there is no warranty or exchanges on these items.