The LDC-10 is a universal collimating lens system that fits 9mm or 5.6mm diameter diodes with supplied base adapters. The lens is a high quality, 3 element glass lens that threads into the housing. The diode is held in place with a threaded retainer. The housing is segmented and can be used with or without the back section that covers the driver. A spanner wrench is needed to mount the diode and focus the lens.


Lens type: 3 element glass, AR coated
Focus length: .315″, 8.0mm
Back Focal length: .059″, 1.50mm
Numerical aperture: .6
Beam diameter: .275″, 7.0mm
Base material: anodized Aluminum
Outside dimensions: 2.1″(53mm) long x .545″(13.8mm) diameter
Inside dimensions: 1.0″(25mm) long x .492″(12.5mm) diameter (clearance for diode driver)