5mW, 1310nm Mitsubishi ML720J11S

///5mW, 1310nm Mitsubishi ML720J11S

5mW, 1310nm Mitsubishi ML720J11S


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The Mitsubishi ML720J11S-03 are DFB (Distributed Feedback) laser diodes emitting light beam with emission wavelength around 1310 nm.
They are well suited for light source in long distance digital transmission systems.
They are hermetically sealed devices with the photo diode for optical output monitoring.

 These are new diodes, individually characterized, in factory envelopes.


Output Power: 5 mW
Wavelength: 1310 nm typical, +/-3 nm
Operating Voltage: 1.1 Volts typical
Threshold Current: 6 mA typical
Operating Current: 16 mA typical
Monitor Current: 200 uA typical
Package: TO-18, 5.6 mm diameter base.

 A factory spec sheet can be found HERE

Due to the sensitive nature of laser diodes, there is no warranty or exchanges on these items.

1199 in stock

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